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procrastinating sketchbook post

No time or energy for a finished strip

So you get this sketchbook sketch which isn’t a strip yet

Which is definitely the opposite of how it usually works but I’m tired

I hope doing it this way doesn’t take away the punch from the eventual strip when I get to it

eagles dad

for the last few months i’ve felt pretty energized, creatively speaking

(i’d been reading lynda barry’s syllabus, and i think that gave me quite a bit of fuel and confidence, both)

for the last few weeks my creative juices are feeling lower

i havent been putting out as many strips this month, and for some reason they’ve seemed harder to come by

i can only hope i’m in just a seasonal artistic funk

so this one is from the sketchbook

i’m not sure what to do with little moments like these, since they have dialogue and only feature one panel, which don’t seem to fit the rules i’ve created for myself here


in the meantime you can scroll through all of the ‘steps’ strips here

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