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Hi, I’m Tone.

Welcome to my internet archive. (I’ve always wanted a place to put everything. Here it is.)

I have no idea what I’m doing but I do make comics. Don’t miss them.

I keep a sketchbook, it’s like a blog, but with more doodles and less writing, though you will find the occasional essay.

If you’ve got time, I write interactive fiction. It’s short.

I’ve made some limited animation. They’re short, too.

I made a wordless picture book done entirely in crayon. I’ve done some illustration.

I’ve participated in a few Inktobers. 2017 was Sherlock Holmes themed. 2018 was Metal Gear Solid themed. 2019 was Legend of Zelda themed.

I’ve designed tshirts, maps, and a not-toy called herocaps.

there’s also a newsletter

It doesn’t go out very often, about once a month at best. here’s the archive.


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hire me

I’m slow and easily distracted, but if you need comics illustration work, or copywriting done, or just want to say hi, you can email me at