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i’ve had a huge influx of new followers the past few days (all thanks to the wordpress discover page.)

To celebrate here’s a few sketches from yesterday’s inktober prompt, ‘climb.’




If you’ve just discovered the sketchbook, I’m in the midst of jake parker’s inktober challenge.

To make it even more challenging I decide to to all my inktober’s with a Sherlock Holmes theme.


You can see all of my sherlock holmes inktober 2017 entries so far

And you can check out my past inktobers here:




season 1 episode 6 twin peaks live doodle


season 1 episode 6 aka episode 5 aka cooper’s dreams, colored pencil, 2017

read more about the episode on wikipedia

Previously on screentone’s Twin Peaks: The Livedoodles:

5 aka episode 4 aka the one-armed man

4 aka episode 3 aka rest in pain

3 aka episode 2 aka zen, or the skill to catch a killer

2 aka episode 1 aka traces to nowhere

1 pilot aka northwest passage