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self-rejected steps strip

here’s a look at the first version of yesterday’s steps strip


i hated it when i got done with it

the son character was too difficult to distinguish from the background

i tried a lot of different things to get the background to ‘fade back’

first i tried erasing it (you can see where the paper tore and i had to repair it with tape)

then i painted over it with white watercolor

the strip really looked like a mess to me, and i couldnt stand the sight of it, so i decided to redo it

i’m glad i did, because the second ‘published’ version fits in to the look of the other steps strips better

but now i love the look of the first version (how did that happen?)

i love the messiness – it could be a good look for a future project

here’s a look at the strip earlier in the process

looking at it now, i realize that this would have worked too

all i really needed to do was darken the kid to separate him from the tv and tv stand

i think  i panicked while working and fumbling with the watercolors

one of the things i need to do better is remember to slow down while i’m working

a new steps strip is up



it’s been so long since the last one

but a new ‘steps’ strip, ‘potty training’, is up

almost every other ‘steps’ strip has been done in digital, pushing pixels around

but today’s is fully scribbled in pencil, with lots of (kneadable) erasing, then brushing down puddles of watercolor, and finally a bit of inking

if this is the first ‘steps’ comic you’ve happened to catch

you can start reading ‘steps’ strips here

inktober retrospective


turns out watson was irene adler the whole time. day 31 ‘masks’ alternate drawing


Inktober is over. Time to look back through the month and see what I can do better.

The Bad

Brush pen skills didn’t really improve over the course of the the month, but my confidence in using them did.

The first day may have had some of the best linework. I like the delicate line that my timidity with the brush pen gave me, but as my confidence grew over the course of the month I was soon just slapping down the ink.

Day 2 was one of my lowest points in inktober. Watson’s gesture is so stiff and awkward and his arms are too long.

Day 14 was a missed opportunity. The original idea was to recreate the cabinet photograph of Irene Adler that Sherlock took as payment for working on the case, but the result is boring. My idea was that Irene Adler (I found inspiration in photos of Helena Bonham Carter, which you can see more of in the above sketch), was fierce, and I did nothing to capture that fierceness.

The Good

A shift occurred for me on day 4. I spent more time designing the page, using the shape of the paper to help tell the story. Black areas became vital. Day 20 took those ideas to an extreme and was a lot of fun from a design standpoint.

Day 5 and 7 were strong, but 6 is one of my favorites. The design just works. It is one of the few Inktober 2017 drawings I am proud of. It also freed me up imagination-wise. If Sherlock Holmes could find the Sword in the Stone, why couldn’t he also deal with Martians or giant robots?


Day 11 and 12 aren’t great drawings, but I felt like they do capture the poses.

Attempting a Robert Downey Jr/Guy Ritchie inspired Basil of Baker St on day 26 had me paying closer attention to costume design and attempting to capture some of those textures helped give the drawing some richness, and it was the last drawing of the month that I felt great about.

Though I’ve done inktobers in the past, this was the first inktober that I managed to do a drawing every day, and it made all the difference. Having a daily deadline forced me to do the drawing rather than worrying about doing the drawing. Maybe that’s the most important thing.

inktober day 26 squeak


How about a robert downey jr/guy ritchie inspired basil of baker st for today’s inktober prompt ‘squeak,’ as I continue my Sherlock Holmes Inktober (inspired by jake parker’s official inktober 2017 prompt list)

please visit the website of original basil of baker st artist paul galdone

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inktober day 25 ship


Welcome to everybody who discovered this sketchbook through wordpress discover.

If you’re new here, I’m a graphic designer by day and is my sketchbook home on the internet.

Currently I’m 25 days into jake parker’s official inktober 2017 prompt list, however, I’ve decided to do mine with a Sherlock Holmes bent.

Today’s prompt is ‘ship’, and my drawing today ‘draws’ upon days 20 and 11 of this month.

If you’re curious about materials I’m using a pentel brush pen and am working in an apica sketchbook. (Though partway through the sketchbook I froze up and couldn’t draw in it for awhile. I had to do my drawings in another sketchbook and then glue them in my inktober sketchbook. I’ve been using a liquid paper correction pen, too.

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inktober day 18 filthy


prompt is filthy, so here’s a look at the baker street irregulars as i get nearly caught up on my Sherlock Holmes Inktober inspired by  jake parker’s official inktober 2017 prompt list.

previously on sherlock holmes inktober 2017




Here’s a few images from the internet I looked to for reference and inspiration.

This one I liked for the camraderie:

This one I liked for the brick wall:

This one I liked for the tall kid:

inktober day 9 screech



i just kept drawing since i was never happy with the result. I’m still not happy – but deadlines.

added some watercolor to some of the rejected versions because i should learn watercolor too probably.


inktober 2017, pencil, ink

I’m working from jake parker‘s official inktober 2017 prompt list, but within the world of Sherlock Holmes.

day 8 crooked

day 7 shy

day 6 sword

day 5 long

day 4 underwater

day 3 poison

day 2 divided

day 1 swift

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