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double – inktober 2018 day 29


day 29: double

so here’s a little paper, rock, scissors between twin snakes; metal, and liquid

its hard to believe that this inktober is winding down already…

it’s been so much fun, and somehow, less stressful than last year

i don’t know if my results have been any better, but the schedule was easier to keep for some reason

hopefully  i can keep it up because i’m going to head right in to 30 days of comics in november.

follow along so you only miss a post when i do

star – inktober 2018 day 8


metal gear solid 2 introduced the idea of having to deal with the enemy guards you’d incapacitated. You had to drag around the guards, hide them in alcoves, or stuff them in lockers so fellow guards wouldn’t stumble upon them and your presence wouldn’t be detected.

After using a wash in yesterday’s sketch, I decided to try it out here today. I’m digging the results.

And here’s the original sketch.



exhausted – inktober 2018 day 7


In Metal Gear 4, Snake is an old man, exhausted by years on the battlefield.

He wears a sneaking suit that helps him blend in, octopuslike, with his environment.

I try to convey that effect with a little ink wash. I’m not quite successful, but the effect is interesting, nonetheless.

As a little bonus, here’s the preliminary drawings.

First the pencil sketch, than the inks.




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