snowball time lapse

here’s the timelapse of me drawing the snowball comic strip this is an interesting one to look at because the strip went through so many changes after i stopped recording i decided to run it vertically having no expression on the little guy in the last panel felt most right for the ‘punchline’ but even more interesting (to me i guess) was the decision to change the first panel the close up of little guy packing a snowball seemed to ruin the ‘rhythm’ of the piece that panel seemed too ‘big’ – too ‘loud’ for the next three panels for…

time lapse of drill strip

See the final strip here first time i’ve used sound effects. (nope i’ve used them here and here.) you can really see me struggle with how the effects should appear in the frame. the first idea was that the letters would spiral around as if spun by the drill. i still think it is a good idea, but the execution just wasn’t there so i had to simplify. the strip is still successful, but when i look at it, it is not as visually interesting as it could have been.