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updated logo

since my winter logo gif had been up an embarrassingly long amount of time, I decided last month to get a new one up celebrating the blistering heat of june.

i made just over a dozen rough drawings in photoshop. (not enough even for decent animation) but i figured it was a good start and I’d get back to it soon.


i didn’t.


and a month went by.

so today i slapped a little color over the line drawings and since i’m inherently lazy, it’s going to have to be good enough





i wish i wasn’t so lazy:(





designing an invite for a pool party.

first version was fine. graphic. but I wanted something with a little more personality…


so I quickly doodled this. clearly I don’t know what a shark looks like, but the drawing still felt more fun. I really like the little guy on the left.


looked at a lot of shark photos and my drawing  improved. you think you know what something looks like until you try to draw it.


added color. really like the towel in this version.

I still wanted to see if I could push the shapes of the shark further so I give it another go.



but after that I ended up almost back where I started with this version:




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