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dream comic

I’ve been recording my dreams for the last few months.


I’m not sure, exactly, but it feels foolish not to pay dreams any attention at all.

I’m also trying to improve my painting skills, both digital and analog. So, here’s a recent dream sequence in painted comix form.

What does it mean?

Who knows?


P.S. For some incredible dream comix check out ‘roarin rick’s rare bit fiends.’

lynda barry’s 4 panel 14 day challenge day 1


I had to return lynda barry’s syllabus back to the library today.

(I’d used up all my renewals. The book is so good.)

To commemorate, I decided to do her 14 day 4 panel challenge.

(Where you draw four panels from your day.)

(They can be consecutive moments, but today’s happens to be a montage.)

UPDATE:  Forgot to mention that it is a silent comic challenge. No dialogue.

This is day 1. The ‘inked and colored’ final is digital.


This is the original sketch in my sketchbook.