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dream comic

I’ve been recording my dreams for the last few months.


I’m not sure, exactly, but it feels foolish not to pay dreams any attention at all.

I’m also trying to improve my painting skills, both digital and analog. So, here’s a recent dream sequence in painted comix form.

What does it mean?

Who knows?


P.S. For some incredible dream comix check out ‘roarin rick’s rare bit fiends.’

redacted’s dream

this dream’s not mine, it was a friend of mine, but it was a good one to turn in to comics

i wrote down as many dreams as i could remember in march, so i’ll be making more of these

and today i picked up a ream of cardstock, so i’ll start printing copies of steps volume 2 soon. preorder now!

and if you didn’t pick up volume 1 yet, pick up the 2 pack. they look and feel really good