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oceanlines painting

I first drew these battleships back in 2015 and haven’t forgotten about them. (Though a lot has happened in the last almost six years since i first got them down in my sketchbook.

For the last month or so I’ve been trying to paint more. Mostly digital.

I knew I wanted to tackle these giant, exaggerated, battleship like structures in paint.

I didn’t quite grasp the energy of the sketch, but it’s a start.

digging in to the brushes and paints again




what i like about working digitally is not having to see my mistakes for very long

i can get through more bad drawings faster

but posting old work on screentone is giving me a chance to get back in to the brushes and inks and paints

here’s a few stages from a piece last night

felt so clumsy and missed that undo button

but stuck with it long enough to push through some of those feelings and doubts and wanting to quits

on the next one i need to SLOW DOWN – be more patient – have a lighter touch

(and if you can’t tell what’s going on in this sketch, and who could blame you, the dad is installing a little urinal for potty training)

(also: look at that terrible drawing of a toilet. just look at it. it is so squat and fat. sheesh.)

check out previous watercolor attempts here


Leo Paint Sketch Thingy

I always feel like i don’t know what I’m doing, and I’ve been tinkering with this for days, now… but adding the offscreen light and brightening the colors really helped…


021715 1c


here’s the dingy, darker earlier version…

021715 1a


2015, digital