scarecrow timelapse

  here’s a timelapse of the making of yesterday’s scarecrow strip i’ve also added the webcomics plugin so that you can easily read all of the past ‘steps’ strips. (i don’t know why i call the strips featuring little guy ‘steps’ but i think it works. this plug in lets me keep the latest strip at the top of the blog and gives you an easy way to navigate them. the double arrow takes you back to the first ‘steps’ strip, the single arrow lets you increment back to the previous strip, and the little infinity symbol takes you to…

the couch cushion timelapse

    here’s the timelapse of the couch cushion strip from a few days ago the process usually goes like this: i see a moment in real life that i think will work for the strip: in this case it was watching little guy move the cushion so he could sit down on the couch (and right now i’m focusing on those moments that dont require any dialogue, right now i’m more interested in telling these little stories without dialogue, so i’ve passed on some great moments that have dialogue. maybe that will change in the future) then i’ll need…

timelapse of the easter strip

color was really important in this strip (i mean, color is always important for me, and i kind of sweat it when coloring the strip, but color was especially important to the storytelling of this particular strip) i don’t think this strip could have worked in black and white (and some of my past strips absolutely could have, but i like color…and now i’m not even sure of what my original point was. anyway, hope you enjoy seeing the strip come together at high speeds, it always seems a minor miracle to me when a strip is finished

search timelapse

here’s the screen capture of me working on the ‘search’ strip from a few days ago i also reorganized the ‘comics’ menu item so it is just finished strips now. no process videos or sketches making it easier to scroll through past strips without all that junk in the way so if the sketches, videos, and various other asides that appear between strips aren’t in your wheelhouse, you can just bookmark the comics page and see the most recent strips        

zipper comic timelapse

it is hard to wear a zipper sweater and carry him because he likes to zip up the zipper and catch my neck skin in it i don’t know if that came across  in the strip or not not only were the drawings difficult for me on this one, but so was the ‘timing’ of the strip – trying to figure out which moments to show so that the reader understands whats going on and the punchline  is effective      

reading ivan brunetti’s cartooning

monotonous droning voice, chronic absent-mindedness soporific slideshow, soul crushing critiques cartooning by ivan brunetti hadn’t heard of ivan brunetti, though i’d seen his work here and there his book jumped out at me from ed piskor’s instagram… so good brunetti’s thoughts so lucid and clear the introduction alone is fantastic (so i cartooned it) update: don’t know why i had the second page (panels 3 & 4) read right to left confusing – disorienting maybe i guess it still works though