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inktober day 31 found


Today is the last of my sherlock holmes themed inktober. And somehow I skipped ‘found’ yesterday on  jake parker’s official inktober 2017 prompt list.

So here is yesterday’s inktober today. And yesterday’s was today’s. (This is more confusing then time travel.)

To further complicate matters, I can’t find my brush pen so today’s drawing is in fountain pen (with no underdrawing, yikes.) But it looks like the worlds greatest detective has found it.

if you haven’t checked them out yet, please go take a look at the entire run of sherlock holmes inktober 2017 drawings. fair warning: some are better than others.

and here’s where you can find my drawings of inktober past:




twin peaks livedoodle

Season 1 episode 2, aka “Episode 1“, also known as “Traces to Nowhere


  • What’s up with him hanging upside down? What is that good for?
  • can’t get over agent cooper’s dialogue. So good.
  • I don’t remember this much black and white and red in the costumes and set design in the pilot

UPDATE: It wasn’t just my imagination. There was a lot of red in this episode. From the wikipedia entry for this episode:

“He (director Duwayne Dunham) also continued the use of a “warm” reddish tint to the footage, using soft coral filters and carefully selected props and costumes to obtain this coloring.[16] This tint was considered important enough that Lynch sent a representative to the network to ensure they understood it was deliberate and not a mistake, for fear that they might correct the saturation to be more “realistic” before broadcasting it.[17]”


started watching original twin peaks

Heard the 2017 twin peaks is so good that I’m going back to watch the original so I can catch up.

Season 1. Episode 1.

livedoodled it.

Going to do this for every episode.

Will be interesting to see if I can hone in likenesses over the course of the show.

And draw more than faces.

Notes I noted while watching:

  • Lynch so careful to have a logging truck go in the frame whenever possible.
  • Recurring music makes it so dreamlike.
  • Archetypes.
  • Cooper so naive and childlike at times.
  • So that’s where the phrase ‘fire walk with me’ comes from.
  • I wonder if there even is a Diane.
  • “When a man’s sweetheart is in the pen for manslaughter the word parole has a nasty ring to it.”
  • “Who is the lady with the log?” “We refer to her as log lady.”
  • Didn’t realize the sheriff’s name was Harry S Truman until I read the episode 1 entry at Wikipedia.

reading ivan brunetti’s cartooning



monotonous droning voice, chronic absent-mindedness


soporific slideshow, soul crushing critiques

cartooning by ivan brunetti

hadn’t heard of ivan brunetti, though i’d seen his work here and there

his book jumped out at me from ed piskor’s instagram

so good

brunetti’s thoughts so lucid and clear

the introduction alone is fantastic

(so i cartooned it)

update: don’t know why i had the second page (panels 3 & 4) read right to left

confusing – disorienting maybe

i guess it still works though