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reading update and outlook

self-portrait from the sketchbook

finished dune. the best book i’ve read in a decade and a half. some consider it the greatest science-fiction novel ever written and i think that still underrates it. i read the 50th anniversary addition with a beautiful cover.

starting leonardo da vinci again. my plan is just dipping in a chapter a day. no more than that. going to read it concurrently with these current and upcoming reads

frank herbert

grapes of wrath

yiddish policeman’s union

reading ivan brunetti’s cartooning



monotonous droning voice, chronic absent-mindedness


soporific slideshow, soul crushing critiques

cartooning by ivan brunetti

hadn’t heard of ivan brunetti, though i’d seen his work here and there

his book jumped out at me from ed piskor’s instagram

so good

brunetti’s thoughts so lucid and clear

the introduction alone is fantastic

(so i cartooned it)

update: don’t know why i had the second page (panels 3 & 4) read right to left

confusing – disorienting maybe

i guess it still works though