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almost too engrossed

To get much doodling in during episode 3 of season one of original twin peaks.

so good. So strange.


  • The baguette scene is so weird
  • Red and black and white again
  • Lynch so good at making us feel like voyeurs into these people’s personal lives
  • Agent dale cooper becoming more interesting all the time.

update: I’ve been reading the Wikipedia entries for every episode so far, but the entry for this episode is NOT spoiler free. I now know too much, unfortunately:(

twin peaks livedoodle

Season 1 episode 2, aka “Episode 1“, also known as “Traces to Nowhere


  • What’s up with him hanging upside down? What is that good for?
  • can’t get over agent cooper’s dialogue. So good.
  • I don’t remember this much black and white and red in the costumes and set design in the pilot

UPDATE: It wasn’t just my imagination. There was a lot of red in this episode. From the wikipedia entry for this episode:

“He (director Duwayne Dunham) also continued the use of a “warm” reddish tint to the footage, using soft coral filters and carefully selected props and costumes to obtain this coloring.[16] This tint was considered important enough that Lynch sent a representative to the network to ensure they understood it was deliberate and not a mistake, for fear that they might correct the saturation to be more “realistic” before broadcasting it.[17]”