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inktober day 13 teeming


Sherlock Holmes themed inktober inspired by  jake parker‘s official inktober 2017 prompt list.

Old Pictures of London in Victorian Era ~ vintage everyday

(Photo by London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images) from this website

not sure I made it quite teeming enough

day 12 shattered

day 11 run

day 10 gigantic

day 9 screech

day 8 crooked

day 7 shy

day 6 sword

day 5 long

day 4 underwater

day 3 poison

day 2 divided

day 1 swift

inktober day 2 divide

pentel brush pen, 2017

inktober, day 2

watson’s ‘gesture’ is so awkward. he’s supposed to be imploring a reluctant holmes into action, but that’s not how it reads at all. watson looks a little zombieish at best. ugh

I’m working from jake parker‘s official inktober 2017 prompt list, but within the world of sherlock holmes.

day 1 swift

twin peaks livedoodle continues

with season1 episode 4 aka episode 3 aka rest in pain


  • First mention of the bookhouse boys
  • Miguel ferrer is so good
  • First appearance of Laura Palmer lookalike cousin Madeline
  • first appearance of the soap opera within twin peaks on tv?


Previously on Twin Peaks: The Livedoodles:

3 aka episode 2 aka zen, or the skill to catch a killer

2 aka episode 1 aka traces to nowhere

1 pilot aka northwest passage

started watching original twin peaks

Heard the 2017 twin peaks is so good that I’m going back to watch the original so I can catch up.

Season 1. Episode 1.

livedoodled it.

Going to do this for every episode.

Will be interesting to see if I can hone in likenesses over the course of the show.

And draw more than faces.

Notes I noted while watching:

  • Lynch so careful to have a logging truck go in the frame whenever possible.
  • Recurring music makes it so dreamlike.
  • Archetypes.
  • Cooper so naive and childlike at times.
  • So that’s where the phrase ‘fire walk with me’ comes from.
  • I wonder if there even is a Diane.
  • “When a man’s sweetheart is in the pen for manslaughter the word parole has a nasty ring to it.”
  • “Who is the lady with the log?” “We refer to her as log lady.”
  • Didn’t realize the sheriff’s name was Harry S Truman until I read the episode 1 entry at Wikipedia.