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Inktober Hasn’t Even Started Yet and I’m Already Behind

I’ve selected a theme for Jake Parker’s Official Prompt list for Inktober 2020.

Star Trek.

Why Star Trek? I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek on the H&I network since the pandemic started. Comfort food.

To put that television watching to good use, it’s become… inspiration.

Sometimes I have an idea for a Star Trek gag from the prompt. Mostly though, I plug a prompt from Jake Parker’s official Inktober 2020 prompts list and run a search for the prompt on memory-alpha, the Star Trek wiki, to give me some inspiration.

The other nice thing about relying on memory alpha is that it helps spread the gags around between the different Star Trek series through the years. Otherwise they’d all be TOS and TNG gags.

My plan was to have all of the strips drawn by the end of September, so that when October 1st hit all I would have to do is ink every day and wouldn’t have to worry about drawing, too.

Unfortunately, all I’ve managed to do so far this month is pencil in the panels on half of the pages of bristol. (That’s what you’re looking at in the boring photo at the top of this post.)

Being behind like this is making me nervous…

star trek next generation is bad at social distancing

Last night I watched a rerun of Star Trek The Next Generation and couldn’t help but notice how bad the entire crew was at social distancing.

And I guess that’s how this works, right?

Our brains adapt and now movies and television, and maybe comics that were made before the coronavirus just looks, wrong, somehow. Star Trek The Next Generation, through no fault of its own, is ignoring this (new) social norm and now feels, wrong.

They will have been made before the time of coronavirus, and we will know just by looking at it.

It’s weird to think about. It’s weird to think about future art. Especially future sci-fi. How futur-y stuff can’t ignore social distancing, or pandemics, or how we all may have to hide behind masks.

doodled bones and kirk while watching star trek 3

bones and kirk doodle

doodled bones and kirk while watching star trek 3 the search for spock

hadn’t seen it in years (you can read my inauthentic haiku review on letterboxd where i’ve been writing inauthentic haiku reviews for the latest movies i’ve watched)

admittedly kirk in this doodle is a little more ‘wrath of khan’ than ‘search for spock’ (i love the ‘wrath of khan’ uniforms)

and man, shatner’s likeness is way more difficult to capture than deforest kelley’s. something about kirk’s posture in this sketch helped quite a bit

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my star trek fan shirt

star trek fan poster in the illustration portfolio

more love for the star trek 2 wrath of khan wardrobe

Trek Fan Shirt

I made up a fan shirt in time for the new Star Trek movie that came out a month ago.

ST Fan Shirt

I ended up canning this image; or the slogan, anyway.  It just felt too insider-ish. First you had to get the reference to Shepard Fairey’s Obama Hope Poster. But even if you got that reference, unless you were a hard core trekkie, you were left scratching your head at the IDIC slogan.

So, instead I went to print with this image, instead.

Spock Fan Shirt Final

I wanted to do a Kirk shirt as well, but I didn’t have the right one-word slogan. Yet.