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inktober day 25 ship


Welcome to everybody who discovered this sketchbook through wordpress discover.

If you’re new here, I’m a graphic designer by day and is my sketchbook home on the internet.

Currently I’m 25 days into jake parker’s official inktober 2017 prompt list, however, I’ve decided to do mine with a Sherlock Holmes bent.

Today’s prompt is ‘ship’, and my drawing today ‘draws’ upon days 20 and 11 of this month.

If you’re curious about materials I’m using a pentel brush pen and am working in an apica sketchbook. (Though partway through the sketchbook I froze up and couldn’t draw in it for awhile. I had to do my drawings in another sketchbook and then glue them in my inktober sketchbook. I’ve been using a liquid paper correction pen, too.

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