angular – inktober 2018 day 16


revolver ocelet playing the angles in today’s inktober

2 responses to “angular – inktober 2018 day 16”

  1. Ohh that’s good. I’m poor at perspectives. I’m planning to do one like this for angular but is still getting some inspiration. Haha nice work. 😀
    Here’s my week 2 for inktober:

    1. thanks gilian! i think my idea was better than the execution on this one, but with another deadline today, no time to dwell on it. i just have to make the next one better. oh! and the good thing about perspective is it is a skill that you can improve with practice so the only way you’ll stay bad at it is by not doing it – which means there an endless number of ways to get better at it.

      cheers and on to the next prompt – swollen!

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