new here?


if you’ve found my cozy little home on the internet from the kottke newsletter (thank you for the signal boost, jason) then I’d like to take a moment and welcome you

can i get you anything?

you might enjoy the 4 panel dialogueless comics I’ve been working on most recently

or check out a few illustrations

perhaps you’d enjoy some crappy animation?

something from the sketchbook perhaps?

or maybe some design work?

also, it can be fun to watch drawings come together much faster than they actually do in real life

at any rate, thank you for stopping by

it was wonderful to have you here, and dont be a stranger

please feel free to drop me a line any time at

or subscribe to the newsletter which has never gone out since i’ve never had any subscribers:)

One response to “new here?”

  1. It’s not (crappy animation) None of it is crappy!

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