It’s no fun when a blog doesn’t have regular posts; so here’s a couple of sketches from the sketchbook archives..

I used to work at a bookstore that had this great-looking clock in it…

Sometimes we weren’t very busy, so here’s the chair I could sit in… It really is a chair; not a stool; at some point the back broke off of it. So, since it doesn’t have a back, maybe it’s a chair that did become a stool…and I guess I kind of make note of that in the sketch text.

It’s always a special treat to be able to fire off a sketch at work. You’ll probably see more of these Archive posts whenever I don’t have a chance to properly put something up.

I think I did these on one of Enrico Casarosa‘s Sketchcrawl days. Enrico is a storyboard artist working at Pixar.

I’m going to bed, now.