Day 1 Fish

The first prompt from Jake Parker is ‘fish’, so that’s where we’ll start in my Star Trek themed Inktober.

A quick search of memory-alpha, the online trove of Star Trek knowledge, turns up a game of go fish in the final episode of Deep Space Nine between Quark and the self-aware holosuite program, Vic Fontaine, in Vic’s club.

I haven’t seen this particular episode, or most of Deep Space Nine really, though I’ve recently been catching reruns on the H & I network.

Getting to Work

I penciled in the drawing last month, hoping to get ahead on Inktober this year.

Last night, after first stress eating some Tostito’s scoops and some cheese dip, I got to work.

I worked on my old art board from college, laying on my belly in the living room, an episode of DS9 playing on the tv.

My nib was too thick, but I couldn’t find a tinier nib, so I’ll have to run to the art store today.

My nib was too thick. I want thinner lines, so I’ll have to make a run to the art store today.

Then, every stroke of the pen was a struggle. I’d just start to pull the point of the nib across the paper, and I’d be out of ink.

It didn’t occur to me until the last panel that perhaps my inkwell was simply too low on ink.

I added more ink to the well and dipped my pen, and the inking process finally began to flow, both literally, out of the pen, but mentally as well.


I’ve added ink washes to past Inktober drawings and tried that her as well, but the results were less than spectacular, so I decided to redo the entire strip.

I pulled out my light board and re-inked the piece, tracing over my previous effort, panel by panel. The second try went much faster, looked better, and by the time I reached the final panel I felt like the results were much better. The fourth panel is much better than the first panel.

Inktobers Past

You can visit (or revisit) my Zelda themed Inktober 2019, where I did some strong work but ran out of steam and time halfway during the month. In 2018 I completed a Metal Gear themed Inktober, and 2017 was my first themed Inktober featuring the world’s greatest detective.