inktober day 30 masks


day 30! masks! so many exclamation points! too many!

i can’t believe its the end of my sherlock holmes themed inktober. (based on the prompts from jake parker’s official inktober 2017 prompt list.)

and here’s a look at the sketch i did before i inked today’s entry (watson’s pose changed a bit and for some reason i managed to ink sherlock’s head in a way that he kind of looks like he has long sideburns)


my sherlock holmes themed inktober continues  with prompts from jake parker’s official inktober 2017 prompt list.

if you haven’t checked them out yet, please go take a look at the entire run of sherlock holmes inktober 2017 drawings. fair warning: some are better than others.

and here’s where you can find my drawings of inktober past:




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