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inktober 2020 day 11

Day 11 Disgusting

For today’s prompt, I pretty much stole the hilarious teaser of the season 2 episode from Next Generation, Time Squared, where Riker prepared ‘Owon Egg Omelette’s for his friends. (For some reason, I inexplicably called them ‘Owog Eggs in the panel.)

I removed Data from the scene entirely, added a little projectile vomiting, and wa-la.

(I think Geordi puking might be one of my favorite things I’ve ever drawn.)

I made the ‘Owon Egg omelettes as Wattersonian as possible.

And should I erase the pencil lines or is it kind of cool to see them? I dunno. (I stopped erasing them after I smeared the ink on like, day 3.)

Inktobers Past

You can visit (or revisit) my Zelda themed Inktober 2019, where I did some strong work but ran out of steam and time halfway during the month. In 2018 I completed a Metal Gear themed Inktober, and 2017 was my first themed Inktober featuring the world’s greatest detective.