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These storyboards are from a pitch I made while still in school.

(Posting the interactive fiction adapted from an old short story I wrote has me digging into the archives, I guess.)

It’s called ‘Gepetto’ and is a familiar story viewed through a new lens.

Gepetto, a brilliant toy designer whose abilities with artificial intelligence allow him to breathe life into all of his creations, have made his company the most successful and endeared on the planet.

When a young executive turns the board of directors against him, ousting the old designer from the company he created, a broken hearted Gepetto takes to the countryside joined by one of his finest creations, Dove.

Dove and Gepetto encounter a submerged amusement park, and Gepetto decides to investigate, unaware that the greatest work of his life is still ahead of him.


I edited the storyboards into a short video sequence. I hope it makes some sense, even without the benefit of full animation.