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Art Show Photos

Here are a couple of crowd shots from the show. We had a great turnout; an incredible number of people really. I also have a bunch of shots of the show that my friend Binh took. I’ll be trying to post those in some fashion as well; the image files are huge, but I’d like to post as many as possible. Maybe it’s time to research flickr?

Binh’s a better photog, so I’ll bet he’s got better shots. Here’s another one, though. It was great to have so many people; and so many people buying tshirts, especially since the proceeds went to charity.

And what the heck. Here’s one more. This guy really loved his tshirt. And why not? It’s a sweet T. I bought one, myself.

More photos tomorrow; as soon as I figure out the best way to post them.

I also added a little bit of Herocaps behind the scenes. There’s a link on the sidebar.

And, remember, more tomorrow!

Herocaps Debut

Here it is, the final product, in box.

On the left is the Hulk Herocap and on the right is the Eggman Herocap.

They really look great. Thanks again, Don, Ryan, Binh and my mom, too, for all of the help. The Herocaps debuted tonight, at the art show at Hot Shops.

The show was a great success. Thanks to all who attended, thanks to all who participated and thanks to all who organized. I think we sold quite a few tshirts and all of the proceeds are going to charity, so it was really a great event. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow; when I have time for a lengthier post.

I took these photos with a camera I just received for my birthday. It is the HP Photosmart R847. You can read about the camera, here. It’s not a very good review, but I suspect that the camera will be fine for my purposes.

At any rate check back tomorrow, or rather later in the day today, for photos from the art show; and an added behind-the-scenes look at Herocaps.


Eggcap Decals

The lack of posts has been due to the heavy workload trying to get Herocaps launched for the art show on Saturday.

I’m going to keep today’s post short; it’s late at night and I’m fried from the string of late nights spent scrambling to finish.

Both Don and Binh have both pitched in during crunch time with a huge amount of help. I wouldn’t have made it otherwise. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated.

Here’s a peek at the decals I’m using for the Eggcap; if I had more time; they look really turned out beautiful. The colors are rich and deep, and the glossy finish really looks snazzy. Click to enlarge.

I printed off two sets of his features just in case anything happened to the first set.

You can see the paper mock up I did before printing on the adhesive paper. There’s also the sketch I did on a sheet of paper that I curled around the cap to get a sense of the design and placement of the stickers.

You also might have noticed the Marvel sticker on the decal sheet. That’s for the Hulkcap box.

More to come.

Adios for now.