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since last time:

I started a new comic strip. It began as a 4 minute comic challenge via Lynda Barry, but after quickly cranking  out the first one, I felt like there was something to these, so I’ve kept going. I call the strip Hey Carl. It’s sloppy, but so is everything I do.

Going through my mom’s studio over the weekend, I found a maze book with a couple of mazes ‘solved’ by my little nieces or nephew. Brilliant.

Moby Dick. Again. Well, not again. I’m starting again. I’ve tried to read it a couple times, the most recent of which seems to be July 2015. I even started a Tumblr that last go, to track my progress, and all of the references, as I read along. Then I found this great site, and realized it had already been done. None of that this time. I’m just going to plow through, ignoring the references (as much as I can), and try and finish the book by the end of March. That’s about 20 pages a day. (I’m already about 50 pages off pace.) (Yes, I am aware that reading Moby Dick the novel has become my own personal white whale.)

Free Solo.

Russian Doll. Don’t watch the trailer. Don’t read the reviews. Just watch it. I’ve said too much already.

As always, I have no idea what I’m doing.
But before you go, check this out.


P.S. Speaking of white whales, how did we all refer to obsessive quests with virtually unattainable goals prior to Melville giving us the perfect metaphor? (What a gift!)

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