screennotes 8.4

Since last time

If you are gauging my aliveness by the frequency with which i visit your inbox, you likely thought I was dead, since my last screennotes was in October, or rather, in the middle of Inktober

Then came Comicsvember. (I think that is what it was called? I don’t remember.) I know I was supposed to make comics every day, but I did not. However, I did make some comics you probably missed.

Then December must have happened because we are now deep in to January, and it isn’t possible to have January without December.

I made a resolution this year. I have never made resolutions before, but my 1 resolution this year is to get at least 12 of these silly newsletters out in a year. (I have even made a checklist in Bear. This is getting serious.)

I’m drawing but not currently making comics really, unless you count these:

These are sketches from a recent road trip doodled in my sketchbook. They’re sort of **unintentional** comics, in that I draw the frames first, then fill them up with views from outside the window as I ride along. 

This batch of road trip themed unintentional comics aren’t going up on the sketchblog so I guess that’s a bonus just for you ‘screentoners’ for signing up for the newsletter. (I promise never to call you ‘screentoners’ again.)

Thanks, and until next time, (hopefully in February)