screennotes 6.3

since last time:

I made a new blinking logo for the notes last time, then completely forgot to include it, so here it is now.

I did manage to post a few new ‘steps’ strips in the last 60 days.

(Including a new journal comic.)

Working in watercolor has slowed me down. Digitally I can draw and redraw and redraw a strip in an hour and a half or so. With real life tools it takes me a few evenings after little guy goes to bed to craft a strip just so.


Tomorrow, Inktober 2018 begins, which means I’ll be posting an ink drawing every day in the month of October. You can follow my clumsy contributions here. And on Instagram.

What’s Inktober, you ask?

For last year’s Inktober, I applied a Sherlock Holmes theme to Jake Parker (the inventor of Inktober)’s prompts.

I think the theme for this year’s prompts is going to be…something. I just haven’t decided what yet. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. (Screennotes exclusive: It will probably be within this universe.)

Keeping this one short,


P.S. If you didn’t read Balloon Head Man last month, it’s still there and it reads fast.