inktober 2020 day 21


Maybe trying to show the different approaches to sleep, or sleeplessness, rather, that different captains have.


Here’s a shot of the pencils before I inked the page.

For the captain’s quarters, I found this great resource.

For Kirk’s image, I referenced Star Trek VI, and in particular this great read on the movie, which highlights a moment where Kirk is in his quarters sleeping off too much Romulan Ale.

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I created a collection to house all of this year’s Star Trek Inktobers, so you can easily browse your favorites and skip over the clunkers. It’s easy!

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I compiled past inktobers into easy to read comics collections.

There’s my Zelda themed Inktober 2019, where I did some strong work but ran out of steam and time halfway during the month.

In 2018 I completed a Metal Gear themed Inktober, and 2017 was my first themed Inktober. It featured the world’s greatest detective.

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