inktober 2020 day 10

Day 10 Hope

Just a single image today.

A moment from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Scotty, Kirk, and McCoy, where Kirk gives them hope for survival by destroying his own ship.

I think most of my Star Trek love comes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and this movie, which was the first Star Trek movie I saw in the theatre.


This is the largest I’ve worked so far. This image is about 10.25 inches by 10.25 inches.

I did that thing where you just keep adding more and more lines to the piece until it looks good enough.

Here’s a look at the full piece, ink blots, notes, pencil lines, and all.

Inktobers Past

You can visit (or revisit) my Zelda themed Inktober 2019, where I did some strong work but ran out of steam and time halfway during the month. In 2018 I completed a Metal Gear themed Inktober, and 2017 was my first themed Inktober featuring the world’s greatest detective.

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