inktober 2020 day 5

day 5 ‘blade’

Worf and Jadzia sparring.

I gave Worf and Jadzia the weapons and outfits they wore when sparring in the opening teaser of the 14th episode of season 4, ‘Sons of Mogh.’

If you’re deep into the details of Star Trek, (I’m usually not, but when working on this sort of project, I have to dive deep), Worf has a mek’leth and Jadzia has a bat’leth.


Here’s the sketch I jotted down in last month’s sketchbook, when researching ‘blade’ on memory alpha.

You can see where little guy turned the first drawing into a face with 4 arms.

I did some preliminary drawing in Photoshop.

I printed the preliminary drawings at actual size (5 in x 5 in squares) and then traced them in pencil on the bristol board.

I refined as I went, learning how to draw a mek’leth and a bat’leth from a variety of angles, and figuring out how to get two characters with giant heads and tiny bodies to convincingly embrace and kiss.

Here’s the pencils page before inks.

At this stage, I’m like, ‘Better take a picture, before I screw it up with ink.’


My inking continues to improve.

A confident under drawing helps, but maybe the most important aspect that has helped improve my inking is simply slowing down. Slowing down my drawing, slowing down each stroke, and slowing down my breathing.

Inktobers Past

You can visit (or revisit) my Zelda themed Inktober 2019, where I did some strong work but ran out of steam and time halfway during the month. In 2018 I completed a Metal Gear themed Inktober, and 2017 was my first themed Inktober featuring the world’s greatest detective.

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