corporate stuff i love: a list

digital spidey sketch from april 2015

The following lists are in no particular order and are by no means exhaustive. Consider them living and breathing to be added to and subtracted from as I see fit:

  • star trek
  • legos
  • spider-man
  • masters of the universe
  • transformers
  • gi joe
  • the yankees
  • star wars
  • crayons
  • apple computers
  • sony playstations
  • legend of zelda
  • frosted flakes
  • peanut butter

non-corporate crap i love:

  • trees
  • rivers
  • moss
  • the moon
  • jupiter
  • the rings of saturn
  • space probes
  • nasa
  • the night sky
  • shooting stars
  • sidewalk cracks with some weeds growing out of them
  • hills with tall grass waving in the wind
  • crows chasing a red-tailed hawk out of their territory
  • the hop-hop-hop of robins in the grass
  • little guy drawing and building legos and laughing

What’s on your list?

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