interactive fiction experiment

it’s always frightening to share something new

even more so when it is very different from the other stuff i’ve made and shared

this is a little experiment in interactive fiction, adapted from a short story i wrote a few years ago

the best interactive fiction is more like a choose your own adventure, with branching narratives

this is not an example of great interactive fiction

its me learning twine, a great little tool to build interactive stories, while putting to use a short story that had been collecting metaphorical dust in my hard drive

for some reason the story is more readable clicking (or tapping) your way through it then it ever was reading it straight through

hopefully you dig, but even better would be to tap through and then think i can do better than that, and then go do better than that and share it


3 responses to “interactive fiction experiment”

  1. I’ll have to give this a try. I’m working on getting my own interactive fiction — Ederu Chronicles — off the ground. Let me know what you think of it!

    1. I’ve gotten a chance to try your game, and I really like the minimalist approach. What inspired you to create it?

  2. great question. i read about twine a few years ago and wanted to make something with it. my first attempt was a text adventure game that was basically a parody of the oregon trail. i realized this game was going to take me a long time, if i ever managed to finish it. so, i decided to plug in a short story that i had tucked away and see if that could work. i’m glad you dig it. a quick internet search should lead you to a bunch of twine games that are way better than mine:)

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