screennotes 2

there’s 19 of you now, which means you’ve doubled your numbers since the first screennotes, and so writing this newsletter is now doubly terrifying.

but here it goes:

i’ve added a journal comics link to the sidebar at, feel free to browse the archive. the journal comics are a direct predecessor to what has become the parenthood/kidhood comic which i’ve been calling ‘steps‘, i’m not sure why i call it that  – but maybe it fits? and speaking of which, a new strip is up

and here’s what i’ve been doing instead of putting up comics more often:

i’ve learned to mend socks

which has been extraordinarily satisfying
it feels so good to fix something

if you don’t know how to mend a sock
and you have some socks with holes

you should learn how to mend them
you will be glad you did

you will be looking for socks with holes in them
just so you can mend them

and i’ve read:

the left hand of darkness by ursula k leguin

the summer book by tove jansson

red mars by kim stanley robinson

now i’m currently in that weird place where i dont have another book lined up to read which always makes it hard to decide what to read next

thank you for reading. i’ll try to do better for you next time. you deserve it,


p.s. are the eyes blinking in the image at the top of the email? they should be…

p.p.s. to those of you who reached out to me regarding my mom: thank you. it helps. everything helps.