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hi. i’m tone. you probably don’t know me. don’t feel bad. i probably don’t know you either. i’m not sure how you found me, but i’m glad you’re here. this is my internet archive.

i’ve always wanted a place to put everything. here it is.

i’ve got a lot of interests, so maybe you’ll enjoy something i’ve made.

there’s comics. my most popular ongoing comic is called steps, but you might enjoy ernie and fitz, the misadventures of man-child f. scott fitzgerald and the toxic masculinity of ernest hemingway. i’m also proud of my collaboartion with mcwhitsteen, the casablanca and teenage mutant ninja turtle mashup, everybody comes to raph’s.

i made a wordless picture book done entirely in crayon.

i’ve made some limited animation.

i’ve dabbled in interactive fiction.

i’ve done some illustration.

i’ve done a few inktobers. 2017 was sherlock holmes themed. 2018 was metal gear solid themed.

i make fan art.

i also write mediocre, inauthentic, haiku movie reviews.

mostly i just goof off in my sketchbook.

i set up a little shop to try to make this site self-sustaining.

you can sign up for the newsletter. it arrives in your inbox about once a month at best. (maybe visit the archive and take a few for a spin before you commit.)

i’ve designed tshirts, maps, and a not-toy called herocaps.

and finally, if you need to hire me for comics or illustration work, or just want to drop me a line, you can email me at