screennotes 4

A shortie today, but i’m sure that’s best for all of us.

Since last time:

I’ve tinkered with the website. (Tinkering with websites feels like a useless act to me now that we can all just post to our instafaces and no one needs a website anymore.  Fortunately, giving high import to useless tasks is one of my most self-destructive traits.)

Made a new comics page. On that new comics page i posted old comics.

Old Comic #1
Everybody Comes to Raph’s is a TMNT/Casablanca mashup that I cowrote with mchwhitsteen and posted on tumblr back in 2015. Feels good to bring it home.

Old Comic #2
Ernie & Fitz is a comic about the friendship between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway and another tone/mcwheederdoodle collaboration. Circa 2015, I think. We only made a few of these, we need to make more, maybe we will.

Ending abruptly,


p.s. Home page also has a new look for easy access to old comics.