screennotes 1

screennotes: a debut newsletter in four parts (five if you count the opening. six if you count the closing. oh, man, we are not off to a great start here.)


Hello, Not Quite Ten of You,

Welcome to the first screennotes.

When I first put up the link to the screennotes newsletter, it was really just to see what might happen.

Thankfully, nothing did.

Then‘s April 13th newsletter went out, and was mentioned in it, and since the people who read kottke’s newsletter are probably the type of people who read other newsletters, a few (Not Quite Ten) signed up for screennotes.

So now I have to write a newsletter. And I am terrified.

I hope you’ll let me get a few of these newsletters under my belt while I figure out how this will work for me (and you) before you wail on that unsubscribe button.

Let’s get started.

Most of you subscribed just a few days before my mom died. I went back to my day job a week later, but I’m having a harder time getting back to drawing, and writing, and noticing the world around me – which is so vital to the drawing and writing. I guess it has been difficult to focus. This newsletter, and today’s comic, are an attempt at getting back to that.

Like I said, there’s a new comic up. It’s a single panel, with dialogue. Which, if you’ve been reading my other comics, are not single panels, and are dialogue free. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Here’s a couple of sketchbook pages that haven’t made the website.

About a week ago I decided to begin learning JavaScript on Codecademy. I’m not sure why I’m doing this, but after my mom died and i wasn’t drawing, i needed some way to get my pen moving, and taking notes about something I don’t know anything about seemed like a good way to do that.

Well, that’s it for now.

This first outing felt a little scattershot, but maybe that’s ok.

Hope you stick around for the next one, whenever it may be. A week from now feels too soon. A month from now feels too far away. Maybe something in between.

Until then, I remain,


P.S. I heard once that while most people don’t read their emails, they always read the postscript. I wonder if that is true.