we’re past the halfway point

  the story continues, as does balloon’s journey, with page 12 if you have just stumbled upon this story, you can pick up from the beginning here in other news, there’s not much news: i’m reading space opera, in hardcover, and i just finished the westing game on the kindle. as soon as i finished i read that the author, ellen raskin, did quite a bit of work designing the book visually; not just the cover, but even how the text would appear on the page. so if you’re going to read it, find an analog copy.

digging in to the brushes and paints again

what i like about working digitally is not having to see my mistakes for very long i can get through more bad drawings faster but posting old work on screentone is giving me a chance to get back in to the brushes and inks and paints here’s a few stages from a piece last night felt so clumsy and missed that undo button but stuck with it long enough to push through some of those feelings and doubts and wanting to quits on the next one i need to SLOW DOWN – be more patient – have a lighter touch (and…

page 5 of the story about a guy with no head is posted

  page 5 (of 22) is now up.   start here if you’re just getting here:) this story has been kicking around in my head for a long time. and even though it’s not new to me (I did this version years ago, showed it to a couple of friends, and stuck it in a drawer) I’m glad people can see it, even if I would probably do a few things on it differently now.    

page 4 of the story about a guy with no head is up

  Page 4 is up. Or, start from the beginnning. In the second version of this story, which is the one you’re reading, I decided to drop the narration and go full color, doing all of the artwork in crayons. Hopefully crayons give the story some accessibility and people, will look at it and say, ‘I can do that.’ Page 5 (of 22) tomorrow.  

page 3 of story about a guy with no head

Page 3 is up. But if you’ve’ just found us, you should start here. I’d been noodling with and doodling the character for a long time before sorting out a story. When I did get a story figured out, the first version I did was in black and white, very Shel Silverstein, and featured narration. The story you’re reading is the second version. More on that tomorrow.

a story about a guy with no head

This story is an idea that’s been floating around in my head for a long time. (I didn’t realize how long until I found a comic from my high school sketchbook.) I actually made this a long time ago, and it’s been hiding in a drawer. I’ve got the first two pages up. You can read them here. I’ll be posting a page a day for the next 20 days or so. I’ll talk more about it as we go along. I really hope you dig.

last of the 2015 everybody comes to raph’s

Here’s the final five 2015 strips of the Casablanca/TMNT mashup webcomic, ‘Everybody Comes To Raph’s  by Mcwhitseen and I. It’s been fun to go back through them again since first posting them on the tumbles back in 2015. It’s still staggering to me how well the world’s align You’ve probably noticed the shift in styles over the course of the work, as I tried to find a way to work faster, and smarter. At one point in 2015 I was posting new strips every day and sketches on the weekend, but mostly it was long gaps between posts. Of the visual…

a few more raphs

  posted a few more raph’s  in the once ongoing, now nongoing mashup of Casablanca and The Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles, co-written with fellow scribe mcwhitsteen, and originally posted on the tumbles you can start from the ‘beginning‘ here, but i’d like to warn you… it’s not the beginning and thank you to Michael Barrett for the kind words on his    

more everybody comes to raphs

so if you’ve been reading along in our casablanca/tmnt mashup, the story continues here or you could start here. which was kind of where we started, but its not the beginning of the movie. mostly we skipped around to the parts where we could make pizza jokes. the photo here is one of the sketches for this strip and if you haven’t seen casablanca you should stop reading this right now, go watch it, and then come back and read these. you’ll get twice as many jokes. maybe more

a new comics page

I’m pretty excited about the new Comics page I set up. It will give a home to all of the webcomics I’ve made over last few years. Here’s a quick intro to the new (to you) strips:   Everybody Comes to Raph’s is the Casablanca/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mashup that no one asked for. ( I do think the two universes line up astonishingly well, though biased as I may be.) I originally wrote these with Mcwhitsteen and posted these on Tumblr back in 2015 but as the social media landscape continues to get shaken up, it seemed a good…

timelapse of the airplane drawing

Forgot to turn on the screen capture of me going from the sketchbook sketch to the digital sketch, from yesterday’s on the airplane strip, so here’s the sketchbook sketch:   And then the timelapse begins after i get the digital sketch overlaid. As you can tell, I really had some trouble figuring out the color for this one. I ended up back at the watercolor look, but without the ‘ink’ lines on top…