shredder, raph, splinter, and a foot soldier

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  1. […] Everybody Comes to Raph’s is the Casablanca/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mashup that no one asked for. ( I do think the two universes line up astonishingly well, though biased as I may be.) I originally wrote these with Mcwhitsteen and posted these on Tumblr back in 2015 but as the social media landscape continues to get shaken up, it seemed a good time to bring them home. I don’t have all the strips and sketches up, so you’ll have to keep checking back for new (old) material. […]

  2. […] you could start here. which was kind of where we started, but its not the beginning of the […]

  3. […] can start from the ‘beginning‘ here, but i’d like to warn you… it’s not the […]

  4. […] the final five 2015 strips of the Casablanca/TMNT mashup webcomic, ‘Everybody Comes To Raph’s  by Mcwhitseen and […]

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