twin peaks livedoodle continues

with season1 episode 4 aka episode 3 aka rest in pain notes: First mention of the bookhouse boys Miguel ferrer is so good First appearance of Laura Palmer lookalike cousin Madeline first appearance of the soap opera within twin peaks on tv?   Previously on Twin Peaks: The Livedoodles: 3 aka episode 2 aka zen, or the skill to catch a killer 2 aka episode 1 aka traces to nowhere 1 pilot aka northwest passage

almost too engrossed

To get much doodling in during episode 3 of season one of original twin peaks. so good. So strange. Notes The baguette scene is so weird Red and black and white again Lynch so good at making us feel like voyeurs into these people’s personal lives Agent dale cooper becoming more interesting all the time. update: I’ve been reading the Wikipedia entries for every episode so far, but the entry for this episode is NOT spoiler free. I now know too much, unfortunately:(

twin peaks livedoodle

Season 1 episode 2, aka “Episode 1“, also known as “Traces to Nowhere” Notes What’s up with him hanging upside down? What is that good for? can’t get over agent cooper’s dialogue. So good. I don’t remember this much black and white and red in the costumes and set design in the pilot UPDATE: It wasn’t just my imagination. There was a lot of red in this episode. From the wikipedia entry for this episode: “He (director Duwayne Dunham) also continued the use of a “warm” reddish tint to the footage, using soft coral filters and carefully selected props and costumes…

started watching original twin peaks

Heard the 2017 twin peaks is so good that I’m going back to watch the original so I can catch up. Season 1. Episode 1. livedoodled it. Going to do this for every episode. Will be interesting to see if I can hone in likenesses over the course of the show. And draw more than faces. Notes I noted while watching: Lynch so careful to have a logging truck go in the frame whenever possible. Recurring music makes it so dreamlike. Archetypes. Cooper so naive and childlike at times. So that’s where the phrase ‘fire walk with me’ comes from….